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Santa Barbara DUI

Located in Santa Barbara for over 50 years, Sanger Law Firm is a small local law firm handling the defense of driving under the influence cases (DUI or DWI) in addition to other criminal and civil litigation.  We bring the same rigorous principles of criminal defense to the defense of DUI cases -- that is, we prepare thoroughly, deal from a position of strength and litigate vigorously.

DUI cases also involve certain specialized issues including administrative proceedings before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Fourth Amendment issues regarding the stop, detention and arrest of the client and the technical operation of the PAS test, other chemical analysis and blood tests.  We generally employ an expert criminalist with a background in forensic alcohol analysis to retest blood samples and, as needed, to consult on the technical issues relating to breath analysis.
However, we recognize that, in addition to a thorough legal defense, our clients desire discreet representation.  They often do not want to go to court and prefer that counsel keep them informed but handle all of the court appearances for them.  We are often able to conclude the entire case without having the client appear in court.  If it is necessary to come to court, we try to coordinate the appearance with the client's schedule.   

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