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Catherine Swysen Defends McGregor Eddy in Vandenberg Peace Protest Arrest

Sanger Swysen & Dunkle partner, Catherine Swysen, defended human rights advocate McGregor Eddy in the United States Magistrate's court in Santa Barbara.  Ms. Eddy acknowledged that she had violated the law by crossing the "green line" at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  She said she did so in order to hand the military personnel an explanation as to why the United States was wrong in fighting in Iraq.  After a lengthy trial and a full sentencing hearing, Ms. Eddy was granted probation over the protests of the Assistant United States Attorney who was demanding jail time.
Ms. Eddy's case helped solidify opposition to the war.  She had support from communities throughout California and elsewhere.  Daniel Ellsberg, the man who released the Pentagon papers during the Vietnam war, not only supported Ms. Eddy but consulted on the defense.

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